About Nat Winter




MY WORK LIFE // Hi, I'm Nat Winter (Natalie, to be proper).  I come from a long background in Fashion, with a Fashion Degree, I scored THE dream job designing for a high street brand at 23. I worked as a big brand Buyer at 26 - travelling the world in search of the latest trends.  

In my thirties, I spent 6 years as the Designer for boutique fashion label Sissy, New Zealand. Also spending many years as a Brand Manager for a large corporate fashion company - giving me some business legs.

MY PERSONAL LIFE // I built my first house at 25, on Waiheke Island, New Zealand which gave me the love of architecture and interior design.  At 29, I met my beautiful husband and I knew I had to marry him when I saw his amazing collection of shoes and equally stunning wardrobe! LOL.

We moved to Queensland, Australia in 2010 with our Beagle puppy Snoopy, and work on private projects renovating homes.  Our insta page is @himheranddog.



My clients are residential (private home owners), small commercial rejuvenation and my own projects.

I would say I'm not generic in style or moulded to any particular look. I move with world trends, and pull on a variety of fashionable and classic styles with anything I create.


"I like to create spaces that make you smile and you never want to leave." - Nat Winter




Nat is co-owner at Found Bali Safaris. Nat Winter + Kara Way have designed the ultimate elite Interior Design and Homeware shopping tour, set in idyllic Bali. 

Offering Day Tours (with a local industry professional guide), or the ultimate tour week (hanging out with Nat + Kara) - packaging up our sources into a week long shopping tour for you to indulge your love of interiors, food, resorts and Bali life.

Nat + Kara's tour guests have access to wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and creative artisans who understand the design & construction needs of the Western market and who will cater to this with expertise.

Perfect for Interior Designers looking to source items for clients. Perfect for Interior/Homeware store owners who are looking to create their own line, expand their product offerings and increase their margins. Equally perfect for die hard homeware lovers who enjoy decorating their own home (or are renovating!).

 All images of Nat Winter are by Kara L Way